Snails’ Pace

We’re in the park daily—sometimes twice a day—but we have been posting at the pace of this Pacific Sideband snail! More to come as we ease into summer schedules.

Pacific Sideband Monadenia fidelis

It’s Official!

Me and my second cousins and my brother are in the pictures. We finally got our sign up!  Sooooooooo happy so it’s really a thing now: we are the caretakers of Harper Park!

Park Spark Week 4

Sorry this one’s a bit late —I was too lazy to write the blog on Friday, heh heh heh.

The park was very clean, on Friday and we has only brought in one bag of garbage!

Today, I went on another walk and found two GEOCACHES. It was really fun.

Geocaches are hidden little boxes or maybe just a little notepad where you write your name down. There are little riddles that you have to solve to find them and Harper Park is full of them!

Anyway its been a good weekend and I hope you look at the app which I’ll post below