Snails’ Pace

We’re in the park daily—sometimes twice a day—but we have been posting at the pace of this Pacific Sideband snail! More to come as we ease into summer schedules.

Pacific Sideband Monadenia fidelis

Robins’ Eggs

 Sorry this one is late and if you like our website I’m even more sorry today I’m going to talk about the robins egg Ill leave the website where I got the info with pictures of robins down below, a robins diet it usually worms, beetles, seeds, and berries. A robin’s egg is very small with a beautiful light blue colour, the babies must be extremely small when they’re born right? I’ll bet they’re the size of the top of your pinky! well, it depends how old you are for me they’d be about that size. A robin will mate and lay eggs about 2-3 times from April to July. A robin’s babies are SO UGLY and I mean SO UGLY (the website has photos, look at them if you dare!) A robin’s predators are squirrels blue jays and crows, at least those are the ones I know of. Baby robins take about 12-13 days to leave the nest. Baby robins will take about 13-14 days to leave the nest. Here are a couple more interesting facts about robins, robins will eat the baby bird poop! Since it’s pretty much just a little membrane it doesn’t have much bacteria in it it’s a nice way of keeping the nest clean too! Mama and Dada robin will take turns leaving the nest, that’s the most efficient way to get food if you ask me! Thanks for reading once more (or not if this is your first time haha) and I promise the next one won’t be so late, see ya!

Broken robin's egg shell in boy's hands

Skunk Cabbage and Bear Poop

Last week, we saw bear poop and new skunk cabbage: not a coincidence!

Did you know skunk cabbage creates heat and smells bad because bugs like flies and beetles think it’s a dead animal? And thats good for the plant because from time to time they will land on other plants, right?  And then they will land on the skunk cabbage and it gets pollinated!

Bears love skunk cabbage too for a very weird but cool reason! And the link down here is why:

Naturespeak: Skunk cabbage is a bear’s BFF

Skunk Cabbage