My Tier List of the Berries in Harper Park

Here are the edible berries I have found in Harper Park







(Note from my mom: some berries are only for the birds and the bears and can be poisonous for us. Be careful, and don’t use my blog post as your guide!)

Here is my tier list of them:

#1 Thimbleberries

A ripe one tastes amazing and melts in your mouth

#2 Huckleberries

Per bush there are at least 20 – 50 Huckleberries and its pretty hard to find one that tastes bad

#3 Blackberries

There are not that many ripe ones but if they are they are very good

(Another note from my mom: these are California Blackberries, which we know as ground blackberries. They are the native ones.)

#4 Salmonberries

They taste okay not the best there are a lot of them in Harper park but usually not ripe

#5 Blueberries

Again I whould rank the higher but they are not ripe

#6 Elderberries

Even if they are ripe they are disgusting

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  1. Very interesting, Daniel. Is there a berry or berries that bears prefer?
    Are all those berries safe for wildlife?

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